Hakkımızda Üretim Ürünler Haberler İnsan Kaynakları İletişim English
Beylerbeyi is a Turkish rakı that combines classic tastes with a modern presentation and an unrivaled flavor.  Produced with the highest quality for the right occasion, the right place, and the right people, it is faithful to elegant traditions of the past, and carries them to the present.   Beylerbeyi transforms the values of trust and honesty into a bottle that every rakı lover will relish.

The unequalled taste reached by triple-distillation

Beylerbeyi began its journey in order to create the taste of the "heart of hearts" that is desired by rakı lovers everywhere.  The secret of this legendary taste is Beylerbeyi Rakı's triple-distillation process which results in an incredibly clean and pure taste.  With its triple-distillation formula, Beylerbeyi created a refined rakı that is smooth, pure, full-flavored, and is a contender to be an indispensable part of your gracious table.
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