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In 2007, Sarper Alcoholic Beverages entered the market as Turkey's most innovative and top quality rak producer and made the triple-distilled Beylerbeyi brand the standard in rak production.

With its 20 million dollar investment, Sarper Alcoholic Beverages has the capacity to produce six million liters of rak per year. In the next five years, Sarper is planning to make another 25 million dollar investment in its business.

The Beylerbeyi rak production facility, located in the Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone, was established with the latest technology by the Italian Green Engineering firm and encompasses 80,000 sqm of open and 13,000 sqm of closed space. Sarper Alcoholic Beverages has a workforce of 90 employees today which is expected to reach 120 with the new investments in its business.With the vision of becoming the premium quality rak of choice for Turks living in and outside of Turkey, and with the mission of introducing our national drink to the world, Sarper Alcoholic Beverages targets a 12 percent market share and reaching the rak lovers of Cyprus and The Turkic Republics.
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